Sustainability Statement

At Trelay Holiday Park, our strong commitment to environmental sustainability features in many aspects of our operations.

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Trelay Holiday Park is committed to environmental sustainability, seamlessly integrating this ethos into various facets of our operations.

This commitment extends not only to our dedicated team but also to our valued suppliers and business partners, fostering a collaborative approach toward a more environmentally conscious future.

Eco-Friendly Comfort for a Sustainable Stay

At Trelay Holiday Park, we take pride in offering an eco-conscious experience that extends beyond our operational practices to the very fabric of your stay. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our choice of bedding, provided by Silent Night, a brand dedicated to environmental responsibility.

Sleep soundly on our eco-friendly bedding, crafted by Silent Night using recycled plastic bottles. These innovative duvets and pillows not only provide a luxurious and comfortable sleeping experience but also contribute to the reduction of plastic waste. By repurposing discarded plastic bottles, we play a part in creating a more circular and sustainable economy.

Our dedication to minimising environmental impact extends to the toiletries we provide for your convenience. Embrace our eco-friendly toiletries, thoughtfully packaged in biodegradable bottles. These bottles are designed to break down naturally over time, reducing the long-term ecological footprint associated with traditional packaging materials.

By choosing our accommodation, you’re not just opting for a relaxing getaway – you’re supporting a commitment to eco-friendly choices that prioritise both your comfort and the well-being of our planet. Experience the harmony of a restful night’s sleep with Silent Night’s recycled bedding and indulge in the conscientious luxury of biodegradable toiletries during your stay at Trelay Holiday Park.

Indulge in a delightful cup of tea or coffee during your stay at Trelay Holiday Park, where we take pride in sourcing our complimentary beverages locally from our esteemed partners, Cornish Tea & Coffee. By choosing Cornish Tea & Coffee, we not only ensure a high-quality and flavorful experience for our guests but also actively contribute to the reduction of delivery miles.

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Embarking on a continuous program, we tirelessly work to optimise our park’s energy consumption. Our measures encompass outfitting all rental caravans with heating timers, double glazing, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Streetlights across the park have are transitioning to LED, providing heightened brightness, prolonged lifespan, and significant savings of 46% in energy costs and CO2 emissions. Solar-powered street lights with PIR detectors which enhance brightness upon motion detection are being rolled out across the park. LED lighting brightens our Reception at Trelay Holiday Park. Additionally, we’ve implemented measures such as insulating hot water pipes in our touring facilities building and water treatment room.

Proud Partners in Sustainability

We take pride in our partnership with a Carbon Neutral Electric contract, ensuring that 100% of the park's electricity is sourced from Renewable Energy Guarantees supported by natural UK sources like solar, wind, and hydro.

Electric Vehicles and Innovative Maintenance

In our Maintenance department, an all-electric Cushman Utility Vehicle leads the way. We actively promote local EV charging points in Looe, providing convenient options for customers to charge their EVs nearby. Our commitment extends to investing in cutting-edge electric maintenance equipment, including a battery-powered strimmer and high-impact leaf blower, complemented by battery-powered power tools.

Recycling Excellence

Collaborating with our waste contractor, we prioritize responsible recycling practices. All collected recycling is processed within the UK, eliminating contributions to landfills and the risk of marine pollution. We encourage our customers to recycle responsibly, offering Dry Mixed Recycling containers, Glass Collection, and Food Waste Collection. Clear signage on all bins clarifies recycling guidelines, and our on-site team diligently pre-sorts waste to minimize contamination.

Accessible Alternatives for Sustainable Travel

To reduce reliance on private vehicles, we provide alternative options such as a dedicated bus route to Looe and Polperro.

Eco-Conscious Suppliers

Our association with Fitrite decking exemplifies our commitment to the environment, using recycled PVC without harming trees. Partnering with suppliers like Willerby Holiday Homes, who prioritise sustainability with Biomass boilers in their factory. Willerby now have a ‘Green Standard’ insulation in all their holiday homes, doubling the thickness of the walls in all holiday homes since 2022, which further reinforces our dedication to the enviroment. For detailed insights into our manufacturers’ environmental efforts, contact us at

Homegrown Beauty: Landscaping with Local Flair

At Trelay Holiday Park, we believe in the beauty of our surroundings, and that includes the lush landscaping that graces our park. To bring nature closer to you, we source our plants locally from Warnes plants, a reputable business based right here in Cornwall. This deliberate choice not only adds a touch of local charm to our park but also significantly reduces the miles these plants have to travel to adorn our grounds.

Leadership and Accountability

Our journey towards environmental sustainability is ongoing, with exciting developments planned to further minimise our impact, including initiatives to reduce single-use plastic across our parks. Stay informed with regular updates on our progress, and please share your suggestions or questions with us at Your input is invaluable as we continue forging a more sustainable path forward.

Guided by our Managing Director, Chris Allerston, we actively pursue strategies to minimise the adverse impact on both local and global environments. Day-to-day operational responsibilities lie with our dynamic team, eager to receive comments and suggestions through our designated email address: