Touring vs Static – should you make the switch for a relaxing lifestyle?

Touring vs Static, all you need to know to help you make your decision on what's right for you.

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For many, the thrill of the open road in a touring caravan or motorhome represents freedom and adventure. But as priorities shift, the appeal of an easier lifestyle with a more spacious and relaxing retreat can become increasingly attractive.

At Trelay Holiday Park in Looe, we understand this transition and are here to make it seamless for you. If you’re considering part-exchanging your tourer for a holiday home, let’s explore the pros and cons of touring versus static holiday home ownership.


The Pros

Freedom to explore: Touring caravans and motorhomes allow you the freedom to explore different destinations whenever you wish. The spontaneity means you can pack up and hit the road whenever suits you.

Variety: Different locations every week if it takes your fancy.

The Cons

Compact living: Space is at a premium, meaning you have to travel reasonably light and there’s not huge amounts of space to take the family with you too.

Set up: Constantly setting up and taking your tourer or motor home can be both physically demanding, and time consuming.

Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential, especially for motorhomes.

Weather dependent: a bit of rain can really dampen your parade when space is at a premium and the weather isn’t bringing the sunshine. Being cooped up in a small tourer or motorhome isn’t ideal for anyone.

Static holiday homes

The Pros

Spacious living: Static holiday homes provide significantly more space, allowing for comfortable living, all the items you need, plus space for friends and family to join you too.

Convenience: There’s no need to set up each time you arrive, or pack up when you leave. From the moment you step through the door everything is ready for you to just relax.

Community: Returning time and time again to the same park means that you can really get to know your neighbours and form friendships. At Trelay we have lots of great events throughout the year to bring our owners community together for a good catch up.

Familiarity: You can really get to know all the amazing things in the local area, the hidden gems that tourists often miss, the favourite spots of all the locals. You really get to know what’s on your doorstep.

Personalisation: Family photos, precious keepsakes, you can put them all proudly on display in your static holiday home. No need to pack everything away every time you hit the road.

Relaxation: No boring or dirty jobs to do that would come with a tourer or motorhome. Instead you can spend your free time relaxing in your home-from-home.

The Cons

Fixed location: Unlike a tourer or motorhome, a static holiday home is fixed in one locations. Whilst this means you can fully immerse yourself in your chosen area, it does limit travel flexibility.

Initial investment: The initial purchase of a static holiday home can be larger when compared to a tourer or motorhome. Although, we think it’s worth paying for that extra luxury and relaxation.

If you’re thinking about making the switch from touring for a more spacious and relaxing static holiday home, then why not request a brochure or book an appointment with one of our team to chat through your options. We even take your tourer or motorhome as part-exchange to make it even easier and hassle free for you to make the switch.

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