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All the practical information you need to know about owning a holiday home at Trelay Holiday Park.

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It’s normal to have a lot of questions when considering buying your dream holiday home and becoming a Hideaway Holiday Parks owner – from all the benefits of owning a holiday home to running costs. We’re here to help with any questions you have.

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holiday home Running costs

We are committed to providing an exclusive experience whilst offering great value for our holiday home owners. Owning a holiday home comes with full support from the park team, meaning our owners enjoy the life-changing benefits of having their own holiday home year after year.

Caravans and lodges tend to be very energy efficent, with technology in newer homes having great insulation in the floors, walls & ceiling, double glazing, cost effective central heating with combi boiler and low cost energy saving LED light bulbs. Plus, when you are using the holiday home you can save money on your energy bills at home, what could be better?

When purchasing a holiday home it’s important to consider the running costs. Running costs for owners at Trelay Holiday Park are made up of:

  • Site fees – you can contact our park team for details of our current site fees.
  • Utility costs – gas & electricity
  • Water, rates and refuse disposal
  • Holiday home insurance

Our park team would be happy to discuss running costs with you to help you feel fully informed when making your decision whether to become a holiday home owner.

Our guide to purchasing a holiday home

It’s normal to have a lot of questions when considering buying a holiday home. Whether it’s about owner benefits, financing options or the best place to buy a holiday home, our expert team can help.

frequently asked questions

Hideaway Holiday Parks are a family run company, with family values at its heart. Trelay Holiday Park has been established for over 60 years providing family holidays for generations. We pride ourselves on a personal relationship with all our holiday home owners, to ensure they feel like part of the Trelay Holiday Park family and receive the best service possible. It is our commitment to be there to help you enjoy your ownership and every visit, every step of the way.

Owning a holiday home at Trelay Holiday Park is perfect for those who want to enjoy the flexibility of being able to come and go as you please, but without having to worry about maintenance of the grounds or keeping the heating running. We can take care of your holiday home maintenance allowing you to just enjoy each visit, hassle-free. Our lodges and caravans for sale in Cornwall are also exempt from council tax and SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax), which is a huge benefit compared to owning a local property.

We advise on purchasing holiday home as a lifestyle investment rather than a financial investment, as all static holiday homes and lodges are depreciating in nature. As a lifestyle investment owners will be able to enjoy all the benefits of ownership at Trelay as well as owning their own holiday home in one of the best holiday destinations in the UK.

No, the holiday homes are permitted for holiday use only and cannot be your permanent residence. From time to time, the park may request proof of address from each owner, along with monitoring fair usage to ensure the park is enjoyed for holiday use exclusively.

Yes! WiFi is available should you want it, with your own private connection. Contact the park team to find out more.

Customers who have purchased a holiday home after January 1st 2023 are eligible to join our subletting scheme which is managed directly throught the park. Please speak to us for more information.

The site fees cover the physical ground rent, park maintenance and groundskeeping.

For all holiday homes purchased directly from Hideaway Holiday Parks Ltd from 1st January 2023 (excluding private sales), there is no age limit on the holiday homes but we do require them to be in good condition. We worked closely with the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) to establish our licence agreement in line with the Office of Fair Trading. The BH&HPA is the governing body for the holiday park industry.

All holiday homes purchased directly from Hideaway Holiday Parks Ltd from 1st January 2023 (excluding private sales) do not have a fixed tenure meaning you do not have to change your holiday home every 14 years. Most holiday home owners decide to upgrade their holiday homes periodically to keep them modern & fresh. We do ask all holiday homes to be kept in good condition and this is monitored by the park team.


No, you do not own the land but you do own the holiday home you purchase.

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